이 춘 길
Choongkil Lee, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychology
Seoul National University

Professional History:
1986 Ph.D., Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
1988-2019 Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Dept of Psychology, Seoul National Univ.
2008-9 President, Korea Brain Society, 한국뇌학회
2006-15 Coordinator, Cognitive Neuroscience Research Program of the Korea Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, 뇌인지과학연구사업

Selected publications:

  • Kim K, Lee C (2017) Activity of primate V1 neurons during the gap saccade task. J Neurophysiol. Abstract
  • Kim K, Kim T, Yoon T, Lee C (2015) Covariation between Spike and LFP Modulations Revealed with Focal and Asynchronous Stimulation of Receptive Field Surround in Monkey Primary Visual Cortex. PLoS ONE 10:e0144929. Abstract
  • Lee J, Kim K, Chung S, Lee C (2013) Suppression of Spontaneous Activity before Visual Response in the Primate V1 Neurons during a Visually Guided Saccade Task. J Neurosci 33:3760-3764. Abstract
  • Kim T, Kim HR, Kim K, Lee C (2012) Modulation of v1 spike response by temporal interval of spatiotemporal stimulus sequence. PLoS ONE 7:e47543. Abstract
  • Lee J, Kim HR, Lee C (2010) Trial-to-trial variability of spike response of V1 and saccadic response time. J Neurophysiol 104:2556-2572. Abstract
  • Lee J, Lee C (2008) Changes in orientation discrimination at the time of saccadic eye movements. Vision Res 48:2213-2223. Abstract
  • Lee J, Lee C (2005) Changes in visual motion perception before saccadic eye movements. Vision Res 45:1447-1457. Abstract
  • Cho S, Lee C (2003) Expansion of visual space after saccadic eye movements. J Vis 3:906-918. Abstract
  • Seo H, Lee C (2002) Head-free reading of horizontally and vertically arranged texts. Vision Res 42:1325-1337. Abstract  Erratum
  • Park J, Lee J, Lee C (2001) Non-veridical visual motion perception immediately after saccades. Vision Res 41:3751-3761. Abstract
  • Lee C, Zee DS, Straumann D (2000) Saccades from torsional offset positions back to Listing’s plane. J Neurophysiol 83:3241-3253. Abstract
  • Kang I, Lee C (2000) Properties of saccade-related neurons in the cat superior colliculus: patterns of movement fields and discharge timing. Exp Brain Res 131:149-164. Abstract
  • Lee I, Kim J, Lee C (1999) Anatomical characteristics and three-dimensional model of the dog dorsal lateral geniculate body. Anat Rec 256:29-39. Abstract
  • Lee C (1999) Eye and head coordination in reading: roles of head movement and cognitive control. Vision Res 39:3761-3768. Abstract
  • Lee C, Weyand TG, Malpeli JG (1998) Thalamic control of cat area-18 supragranular layers: simple cells, complex cells, and cells projecting to the lateral suprasylvian visual area. Vis Neurosci 15:27-35. Abstract
  • Lee C, Weyand TG, Malpeli JG (1998) Thalamic control of cat lateral suprasylvian visual area: relation to patchy association projections from area 18. Vis Neurosci 15:15-25. Abstract
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  • Lee C, Malpeli JG (1986) Somata-selective lesions induced by cobaltous chloride: a parametric study. Brain Res 364:396-399. Abstract
  • Lee C, Malpeli JG, Schwark HD, Weyand TG (1984) Cat medial interlaminar nucleus: retinotopy, relation to tapetum and implications for scotopic vision. J Neurophysiol 52:848-869. Abstract

Selected publications in Korean:

  • 이춘길 (2004) 한글을 읽는 시선의 움직임. 서울대학교 출판부.
  • 설선혜, 이춘길 (2008) 신경윤리학: 뇌과학의 윤리적, 철학적, 법적, 사회적 문제. 한국심리학회지 일반, 27권 1호, 1-41.

Choongkil Lee
Department of Psychology
Seoul National University
Kwanak-Gu, Kwanak-Ro 1
Seoul, Korea 08826
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